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  • A Place For Your Face
  • 2016
  • Client/School Assignment
  • Designschool Kolding

A place for your face is a interactive video installation to engage visitors, of the annual Open House event at the Designschool Kolding, in a fun way.

A place for your face is a small fun intro experience to the department of communication design at the Designschool Kolding. It places the visitors face in a looping animation to shows the diversity of the school and that there is room for everyone. The visitor can snap a photo during the animation and it gets uploaded to creating a small digital souvenir of the visit.

The animation was made frame by frame in photoshop and edited in after effects. The full animation was exported as PNG files with an alpha channel and then imported into processing combining the animation with the webcam feed. When a user took a photo it was automatically uploaded to the tumblr site.