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  • How Your Mind Works
  • 2015
  • Self initiated

How your mind works is a part of a series of three books in which I examined my own work process through obstructions (You can see the other books here and here).

My obstruction in this particular book was no use of digital devices. 100% analog. To put some content in my book I started researching on how we interpret the images we see everyday. Through experiments I found out that all my test persons described figurative images with abstract words while describing abstract pictures with figurative words. This finding was very interesting and I went on developing a visual language, which could visualize these two ways of interpreting images.

All the fotos are taken by I DO ART Agency (
The book was published by No Pants Publishing.

The visual language I created for this book consists of figurative and abstract images cut in half and paired together to state the two ways of interpreting images as I found in my research. The cover of the book is letterpress embossed due to the “no digital devices” obstruction. The texture behind the pictures in the book are from old shirts and other clothing supporting the context of the images.