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  • Knock Knock Gellerup
  • 2016
  • Bachelor Project

How can you change the perception of a neighborhood? In my bachelor project i worked together with the danish design studio, Bureau Detours, on their projects in Gellerup Parken. Gellerup Parken is located in Ã…rhus, the second largest city in Denmark, and was build around the 70's as social housing. Now it's a very diverse neighborhood with over 80 nationalities.

The last couple of years Gellerup has developed a really bad reputation with violence and crime. The Danish government and the danish media has appointed Gellerup the largest ghetto in Denmark. This has led to people being scared and uncomfortable when they are in Gellerup and a lot of people actually try to avoid going there. The bad reputation has also led to a stigma of the Gellerup residents to be criminals.

How can you give a more nuanced picture of the residents in Gellerup?

After my initial research on the hard facts of Gellerup, it was really important for me to go out in Gellerup to actually see the neighborhood for myself. It was important for me to meet with the people living in Gellerup to get a real picture of the neighborhood and understand the community. To meet the residents I relocated my workstation to Gellerup and used the snowball method to meet new people. Every time I talked to a person I had them refer me to another person which ensured me to always expand my network in the community. My goal was to find out how it is to live in Gellerup so I used a probe kit as a conversation starter to get a value based talk about living in Gellerup.

One of the insights I got from the many conversations was that they actually made a lot of jokes. They really had fun out there. One of the things I found most interesting was that even though they came from Denmark, Turkey, Palestine or Somalia they could laugh at the same joke. I'd never heard a joke from Palestine or any other eastern country so I decided to collect and examine jokes from different countries.

>I wanted to show that humor is a universal language which can be understood by almost everybody. We can actually laugh at the same joke. After many hours of ideation and concept development I build a wagon in collaboration with Bureau Detours. This wagon should drive around Aarhus and display jokes in different ways to show another image of the residents of Gellerup. Show that they're not criminals but actually openminded, loving people who has a lot of fun. We can laugh at the same jokes. We are not that different.