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  • Salmebandet
  • 2015
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Salmebandet is a Danish band consisting of 6 young jazz musicians. Salmebandet transforms old nordic hymns into modern jazz compositions. They asked me to do their cover to their first EP and I gladly did. First I mapped out the values and the feelings I felt was present in the music. Some of the words I extracted from the music were “traditional vs. modern” and “simple vs. complex”. I used these words as guidelines to develop the visual language. To find a motive that would fit the cover I read all the lyrics from the EP and found that every song had an element of nature in it.

I made a simple cover with an illustration of a fern. I chose the fern because visually it has some similarities with the palm (Almost a nordic palm), which frequently gets mentioned in the bible. I made the illustration simple and graphic but still with a level of complexity regarding the leaves. I used blue for the background to refer to jazz music in general.