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  • Soup Islands
  • 2014
  • School Assignment

Soup Islands is a part of a series of three books in which I examined my own work process through obstructions (You can see the other books here and here).

I spend a lot of time riding the train to and from school so the obstruction in this book was that all the content for the book should be produced while riding the train. I started to map what people were doing in the train and what people in the train have in common and my finding in this case was that everybody has an end destination. That is the reason why they’re on the train. I wanted to create a destination for the mind and the imagination. I wanted to create a place you can dream yourself in to.

All the fotos are taken by I DO ART Agency (
The book was published by No Pants Publishing.

To create a destination for the imagination I developed a fictional story of an almost undiscovered archipelago called Soup Islands. To visualize this exotic place I made a series of 3d scans of train interior. Since the app I used to 3d scan required complete darkness while scanning my scans started to glitch because I was scanning in broad daylight. These glitches made some amazing shapes that look like landscapes and since the landscapes only consist of dots it triggers the viewers imagination to fill the landscape with textures, vegetation and fauna.