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  • Taste Mars
  • 2015
  • School Assignment
  • Dan Goods, NASA

We all know how mars looks like, but we don't know how mars tastes like. NASA wanted to showcase their data in another way than just plain text and numbers so they asked students from Designschool Kolding how that could be done.

Taste Mars is a project that take your taste buds to outer space. With datasets from NASA and the findings from the latest discovery of water on mars we could gather enough information to make an ice cream that tastes like water from mars. This project shows a new way of consuming data. Instead of only displaying data visually you can now sense, taste and feel the data making it into and sensory and bodily experience of the findings on mars.

Team: Cecilie Vår Norsahl, Christina Van Tran & Malte Eskestad

Mars is really cold so water on the surface will freeze instantly but the newest discovery shows that the water contains a lot of salt as well making the ice melt. That is why there is liquid water on mars.

To be true to the data we needed to make an ice cream with water, salt and edible soil which makes the ice cream a very unpleasant experience to eat. We produced 1000 small scoops of taste mars ice cream and served to the culture night in Copenhagen. We got reactions ranging from complete anger and frustration to people closing their eyes and really sensing the experience.

The ice cream is now being produced in Pasadena, California and will be shipped to NASA in late april 2016.