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  • Understated Leisure
  • 2015
  • Self-initiated/Client

Understated Leisure Vol.1 is an audio/visual release in collaboration with the Danish electronic artist JONGPADAWAN. Understated Leisure Vol. 1 combines music and zines in one release. The concept is combining artworks and an album on cassette tape and a mini zine.

JONGPADAWAN’s music is strict and electronic but also organic. That was the criteria for my artworks. I should make some artworks that were strict, generated/produced on/by a computer but the expression should be organic. I made a lot of computer-generated landscapes and combined them with strict geometric shapes.

This release was published by No Pants Publishing. You can hear the music or buy the cassette + mini zine here.

To make these organic landscapes I used processing and a pixelsorting algorithm. By experimenting with this algorithm I realized some specific parameters that would provoke these strange shapes. I started doing some small abstract digital paintings to build up these landscapes with the algorithm.